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Working at Height Training Course

Working at Height means working somewhere where there is the potential to fall from one level to a level below. It's not just falling from a ladder or scaffolding, it's also falling down holes and falling through fragile surfaces. And every year falls from height cause the most deaths at work and the second highest number of major injuries.

This excellent programme is both cost effective and time efficient.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 and the HSE guide to these regulations are very clear about what must be done to stay safe when working at height and this training programme follows the laws and guidance to ensure that everyone knows how to stay safe.

Programme Contents

  1. Responsibility
    In this section we look at who is responsible for safety when working at height.
    It clearly explains not only what the employer is responsible for but also what the employee is responsible for too.
  2. Risk
    Here we look at how you decide how to complete any work at height in the safest way. It includes looking at different choices of protection - guard rails, harnesses, airbags, safety nets and rope systems.
    The section ends by talking about emergency procedures and rescue.
  3. Choosing Equipment
    There are a lot of things to consider when you choose equipment for work at height. You DON'T choose whatever's to hand - the quickest and easiest option! You have to think about safety - your own safety and the safety of those around you. No matter how long you expect the job to take, even if you think it's a 2-minute job, don't try to manage without putting protective measures in place if they are needed.
    Many people have been killed or seriously injured, who ...only meant to be on the roof for a few minutes to have a quick look or carry out a small repair.
    This section looks at the most common equipment - trestles, podium steps, hop-ups, stepladders, ladders, scaffolding, tower scaffolding and the most common types of MEWPs. For each it looks at the safety considerations. It uses graphics and animation to show safe set-up and use of ladders, scaffolding and MEWPs.