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ISO 45001:2018 Consultancy

Tender pre-qualification frequency requires certification against ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001:2018 sets out the requirements for occupational health and safety management or OH&S and often forms a basic requirement for customer tender pre-qualification.

ISO 45001 provides practical requirements for the creation of an occupational health and safety managements system within your organization.

Achieving ISO 45001 certification provides tangible benefits for both workers, their organizations and customers. Accredited certification against ISO 45001 demonstrates to potential customers and interested parties including enforcement bodies such as the HSE and local authorities your organization’s ability to manage occupational health and safety in the workplace.

Using ISO 45001 as a driver OH&S risks can be eliminated, reduced or removed. Frequent compliance evaluations performed against regulatory and other requirements and conformity actions are taken to ensure compliance to requirements.

ISO 45001 helps to produce a safer workplace. It helps organizations to meet regulatory compliance obligations through conformity to policies, risk-based processes and OH&S objectives. This approach provides confidence for both customers and interested parties in your organisation and its approach to occupational health and safety.

ISO 45001 benefits

  • Increased productivity through established and safer working practices
  • Entry barrier removes when tendering for new business
  • Increases competitive advantage
  • Insurance premiums minimised
  • Improved employee engagement and participation with OH&S system improvements
  • Enhanced reputation with employees, customers, suppliers and contractors
  • Increased levels of OH&S leadership
  • Reduced workplace incident occurrence
  • Regulatory conformity through evaluation of compliance
  • Accredited ISO 45001 certification
  • Improved Occupational Health and Safety performance
  • Demonstratable continual improvements


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