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BS 7499

Is a British Standard Code of Practice which covers static site guarding and mobile patrol service. BS 7499 gives recommendations for the management, staffing and operation of an organization providing security guarding services on a static site and/or mobile patrol basis.

BS 7499 gives best practice recommendations for organisations that provide and manage security services on static sites or on a patrol basis. These services include security systems in buildings, alarm systems, or security personnel patrolling a particular site. The standard doesn’t include cash-in-transit services, secure parcel services, keyholding and response services, door supervisors, event stewarding, or the management and operation of closed-circuit television. How does it work? BS 7499 explains the normative references as well as the terms and conditions relating to security services. It then takes an in-depth look at the organisation and its resources to ensure the right safety measures are put in place. Other topics include best practice services and the training of security personnel. Who should read it? Organisations providing security services, organisations installing alarm systems, anyone responsible for security systems in buildings and security service training officers.