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BS 15713  The Secure Destruction of Confidential Material

This standard covers management and control of confidential material destruction, ensuring such materials are disposed of safely and securely.

EN BS15713 is a European standard which gives recommendations for the management and control of confidential material for destruction. The aim of the standard is to ensure that such material is disposed of securely and safely. The recommendations apply to an organisation’s main business premises and any holding sites. The certification provides many key features and benefits for a company, including a best practice guideline that organisations can follow in order to securely destroy confidential information. This should help to minimise the risks associated with confidential data leaks, including issues such as fines, reputational damage and advice on the secure destruction of confidential data or breaches. It is important all leaders within the secure destruction industry are compliant with BS15713 and therefore this is a very positive addition to Brunel Management Services accreditations portfolio.