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Competent Advisor Service

Current legislation requires every employer to appoint a 'Competent Person' (or Competent Persons) to provide sound advice on all matters concerning health and safety.

We are able to work with your in-house 'Responsible Person' to provide support regarding specific health and safety issues or act as your nominated 'Competent' health and safety advisors as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

Through our Competent Advisor Package we are able to:

  • Assist you in developing a policy and procedures manual and documentation which is tailored to meet your individual business risks and needs
  • Ensure that your health and safety policy, manual and risk assessments are refreshed annually. In medium/high risk work environments more frequent inspections may be required
  • Update your programme following a legislative change
  • Attend corporate meetings or site specific meetings where you feel you need the support of a health and safety professional
  • Provide training to your staff and responsible persons at all levels of the organisation

We can also provide the Responsible Person with support regarding:

  • Their responsibilities
  • The development of Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Construction Design & Management advice


We understand that the decision as to who should take on the 'Competent Person' role is one of the most important decisions an employer can take when it comes to managing health and safety effectively. Our qualified, experienced advisors help ensure that you receive the most accurate, effective and practical advice possible.


Appointing an external advisor such as Brunel Management Services as your ‘Competent Person’ means that you are able to precisely match the amount of bought-in time with your Health and Safety requirements. Many of our clients find that this is often cheaper than appointing someone in-house.

On-Going Advice

One of the key elements in effective health and safety management is the need to constantly monitor and review your health and safety programme. Our Competent Advisor Package ensures that you have an annual checklist which captures key activities including risk assessments, training and legislative updates and access to competent, relevant advice.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your health and safety responsibilities are taken care of by professionally qualified health and safety advisors.

Further Information

Please contact us  for further details or advice.